Coaching Packages

Learn how to enhance your own sense of self-awareness, become proficient in recognising your strengths and weaknesses, and discover the behaviour traits holding you back from being a truly resilient leader.

We offer individual coaching, team coaching or the choice of joining a group coaching session with a maximum of four people.


A great starting session

A 1:1 session coaching session introducing the power of coaching.

1 session
60-90 minutes
Individuals only
In-person or virtual

Lead 3

Designed for your individual needs

Six 1:1 coaching sessions, designed for you, with the option of a behaviour preference assessment and Resilient Leader ™ development programme. A series of coaching sessions will provide the momentum and focus needed to bring about change in your life or work.

6 sessions
60-90 minutes per session
Individuals or groups
In-person or virtual

Lead 6

Delve deep into leadership

A premium, individual, six-month course of twelve sessions also including a behaviour preference assessment, providing a sustained period of focus and personal development to bring about real change.

12 sessions
60-90 minutes per session
Individuals or groups
In-person or virtual

All Lead coaching packages can be adapted to team coaching. Team coaching can aid cohesion and performance.

These packages provide an insight into our coaching service. Bespoke packages can be arranged to suit need, budget and your chosen time frame.

Optional extras

These add-on tools supplement your course, adding to your overall knowledge, skills and ability to implement strong leadership qualities in the workplace. They enhance teams, working environment and daily processes.

The additional services can also be purchased as a course in their own right, without requiring any other coaching package or course, but work best when used in conjunction with one of our courses.

Colour Profiling

Colour profiling is an effective tool to help individuals and teams develop self-awareness. CMEis a rich resource revealing individual behaviours and thought sets; identifying how people impact others around them. It improves confidence, dialogue around roles and team culture.

Individuals: The profile report helps build self-confidence, develops insight into personal growth and teaches how to increase performance.

Teams: Colour profiling teaches a common language to better communicate and connect, understand the team’s dynamics, appreciate individual strengths in the team, increase team performance and strengthen the team as a group.

Prices range from 69.00 - £115.00 depending on requirements.

Resilient Leaders Development Programme

Working with individuals or groups, this world-class online leadership development framework focuses on sharpening resilient leadership skills in a practical and relevant way.

The programme includes:

£35.00 per month

Coaching for Resilience