Leadership Programmes

Leadership 43 programmes grow, develop and enhance leadership skills.

Utilising a mixture of workshop-style activities and techniques within a structured framework, individuals and teams learn to cultivate their resilience. Our programmes ensure everything learnt can be implemented in the real-world.

The leadership programmes run to a fixed time period. Bespoke to a client's needs, they can be designed for individuals or for groups, both online or in-person.

“Resilience is not just for surviving the worst day of your life. It’s for thriving every day of your life.”

Dr Rick Hanson


First steps to leadership

This short course is ideal if you are in the second or third year of your career and looking to move into a leadership role. The course focuses on identifying strengths and weaknesses, how to work effectively in teams, and supports applicants with real workplace challenges.

The course is suitable for both individuals and groups from an organisation and includes:

• Individual coaching
• Group sessions if there are more than one applicant from the workplace
• The use of behavioural assessment tools.

3 month timeframe
12 sessions
90 minutes per session
Individuals or groups
£985 for first person
£745 for each additional person (up to 6 in total)


Next level leadership

Aimed at individuals who have experience of leadership but want to move forward and enhance the following skills:

• Building abilities and knowledge
• Recognising how to lead yourself and others
• Developing confidence in decision making
• Focusing on developing personal resilience

To work on these aspects of your development, you will have access to:

• Two 30 minute face-to-face coaching sessions with an experienced RLE™ consultant
• The RLE™ development programme which provides opportunities to explore four key elements of leadership ?
• Help and support developing a key leadership goal which is linked to the challenges and aspirations currently facing you at work

13 week timeframe
5 sessions
60 minutes per session
Virtual and face to face
£1,125 for first person
£975 for each additional person (up to 6 in total)


A unique leadership development programme with measurable growth.

This group-based programme is designed for team or department leaders to enhance their leadership skills and strengthen resilience. Not only does this improve individual leadership skills but it also enhances overall leadership in all departments and teams.

This programme includes:

• Leadership workshops
• Two group coaching calls (5 participants in each group)
• One 1:1 coaching session for each participant
• Access to the powerful, world-class online development tool: Resilient Leaders Development Programme

3 month timeframe
6 sessions
60 minutes per session
£1,227 for first person
£997 for each additional person in same organisation (up to 10 in total)


The Enhancing programme is for leaders who are already established in their leadership role. Perhaps an element of you has lost your way and are looking to reinvigorate your leadership style? Are you recognising slowly-formed bad habits which are impacting upon your wellbeing?

This programme works with individuals; refreshing leadership strengths and values, challenging thought processes and addressing pre-conceived ideas so you remain at the top of your game.

3 month timeframe
6 sessions
60 minutes per session