Meet the team

Meet the Leadership 43 TEAM

Meet the Leadership 43 Team

What we offer

Leadership43 is trusted and proven in developing and coaching leaders.

We are a collaboration of highly trained coaches and mentors who specialise in first-class leadership training for people at all levels in their career. We have years of varied leadership experience in both industry and education; helping individuals develop their skillsets through our collective knowledge, training and past mistakes.

How and why we came to create Leadership 43

Brought together through our passion for leadership development, at the time of launching, we had 43 years collective leadership knowledge, expertise and service. Each of us have led in moments of high pressure.

To prevent stagnation, poor company culture, underachieving and unhappy teams, we believe:

We work with individuals, groups and organisations looking to develop top-class leaders.

How we work with organisations

We use our collective knowledge, skills and expertise to support companies and individuals in providing high quality leadership development in an array of different methods suited to specific requirements

We are all accredited Resilient Leader Consultants and continually educate ourselves to provide the very best courses, programmes and coaching in leadership development. Jacqui Frost is an accredited International Coaching Federation ACC coach.

High quality coaching builds robust and resilient leaders; confident in who they are and what they do.

Get to know the team!

Jacqui Frost

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  • B.A. Hon (QTS)
  • Diploma in Educational Research
  • Diploma in Language and Literacy
  • OFSTED- additional inspector (no longer inspecting)
  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Masters
  • Diplomas in Coaching Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching
  • Coaching to Maximise Staff Performance
  • Accredited Resilient Leader Consultant
  • DISC personality preference profiling
  • RLE-Lead in Uncertainty Facilitator
  • Accredited Resilient Leader Consultant Trainer
  • ICF Accredited ACC Coach- CCEs include Team Coaching
  • Colour Profiling Consultant

Throughout most of my adult life I have been a leader in varying guises: a teacher, a head of year, a deputy, a consultant, an OFSTED inspector, a headteacher and a mum!

As a school leader I often felt like a rogue wave at sea — frequently out of my depth and rolling around in a vast ocean.  In 1997, when personal tragedy hit my three-year-old son and I, overwhelming feelings of devastation struck.  However, I vowed to lead him and I out of the trauma and for neither of us to be defined by the awful experience.

It was not easy, and at times I wanted to give up. Professionals tried to “fix me” on numerous occasions, but somewhere deep inside, I had a drive; a desire and necessity to overcome the dreadful event and for us to thrive. To live.

When I entered a low point on the wave and my resilience was depleted, I found I couldn’t find the clarity I sorely required. I couldn’t think clearly or would simply feel overpowered and unsure of what to do or say. I never reflected on how I had reached that point (I hadn’t the time!), or indeed, what I had learnt about myself and others during those moments. I never viewed mistakes and failures as learning opportunities, just something to ignore and move on from, as quickly as possible.

I would explain to myself that I was not particularly good at ‘that sort of thing’. I had no tangible strategies to work from, or knowledge of how to effectively examine a problem. I certainly never saw those periods as an opportunity for personal growth.

Over time I attended a myriad of leadership training courses, looking for answers. Colleagues often told me I was a good leader, but I didn’t really understand what they meant. I was just doing and saying what felt right for me; sometimes to the detriment of my health and sanity.

Yet, I learnt to ride the peaked waves of stress, crisis and chaos well. I was good in an emergency: handling the death of staff, of a child, a child losing a finger in a doorway, discovering a 6-foot python (called Bernard) in the playground and even OFSTED.

 After years of enabling aspiring leaders in my role as a headteacher, in January 2017 I made the fantastic decision to step away from headship and start a leadership coaching business — Jacqui Frost, The Leaders’ Coach. As time has progressed, I have discovered my passion lies in guiding, supporting and challenging leaders from all walks of life and from a variety of organisations; strengthening resilience in a conscious and proactive way.  

My previous working experience in a variety of senior-level positions, combined with my inspirational and motivational coaching-style, ensures all clients are held in safe hands throughout their coaching journey. 

Leadership 43 Cheryl-min

Cheryl Singleton

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  • BEd Hons
  • MA
  • NPQH
  • Resilient leader Consultant 2019
  • C Me personality preferencing profiling
  • Currently studying for MBA.

In my early leadership roles I wrongly believed that leaders had a standard set of behaviours to adhere to in order to effectively execute their duty and that any sign of ‘the real you’ was a weakness. This view lasted about a week in my first leadership role until the real me came out. At first I thought this flood of authenticity was eroding my status but later I realised it is a huge part of what made me a good leader and why people followed me.

Being a leader requires passion and drive – something I think I have had in ‘spades’ since I was a child which often led me to be called ‘bossy’ or later ‘alpha female!’ Harnessing and directing that passion and drive has proven to be the challenge. When you put your heart into something it can become personal and then comes the amazing highs and some crushing lows. In my roles as teacher, school leader and now CEO of a multi academy trust I have learnt to stay authentic, take people with me, stay confident in my decisions and keep on a more even keel! Describing the bad days as the ‘ones I actually get paid for’ and acknowledging the successes (of which there are many) even in the failed ventures ensures I keep moving forward and continue to learn.

Two of my leadership roles involved sharing responsibility in a post which led to us both working to our strengths, being a sounding board for each other and as a result a really effective team. Many leaders don’t get that opportunity and whilst leading an organisation is the absolute best job, self doubt and isolation can pull the rug from under you.  I am passionate about working with leaders to be creative and be confident in their decisions and to support them in the role they have been chosen to do.

Leadership 43 Jo-min

Jo Stanley-Bell

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  • BA Hons
  • PGCE
  • NPQH
  • Resilient Leader Consultant
  • RLE-Lead in Uncertainty Facilitator
  • RLE- Accelerate Facilitator

Building on more than 35 years in the education sector, leading teams, schools and setting up a multi academy trust, I am pursuing my passion and commitment to support others in developing their skills, so they become more confident and successful in all aspects of their leadership.

Through my career I have led a variety of teams, in a number of schools, giving me a unique and diverse picture of the leadership landscape. With a colleague, I set up an academy trust whose philosophy is underpinned by the needs of the children being a driving force and a ‘yes before a no’ culture. She has had the satisfaction of this school becoming the ’go to school’ of choice in the area.

Today, I collaborate with individuals and teams across organisations, enabling people to thrive and build their resilient leadership capability. I deliver support with:

  • Strategic direction
  • Resilient leadership coaching and training
  • Organisational development programmes targeted specifically at supporting personal growth and improved performance.

I understand how it feels to be totally overwhelmed in a leadership role at any level. My goal is to really enable individuals and teams to have confidence, and a set of proven skills. This prioritises practical strategies for working their resilience ‘muscle’ to cope with ever changing situations. Preparing our leaders for change is the best investment we can make.

I love to see teams and people I have worked with becoming more reflective, positive and confident leaders. Ultimately this delivers huge benefits to the organisation. Fortunately, we can prepare ourselves and our organisations to be resilient through uncertain and fast-moving times.

As individuals we thrive when working collaboratively, when we seeded the idea of Leadership 43 we collectively had 43 years of leadership service. We have all led schools, small rural schools to three form entry urban schools to a ‘boutique’ and effective Multi Academy Trust.

We have all led in times of turbulence, challenge and high pressure. The element that brought us together is our passion that the development of leadership at all levels within an organisation should be a given.

We use our collective knowledge, skills, expertise and learning to support your organisation in providing high quality leadership development for your employees. We are all accredited Resilient Leader Consultants and use this as part of our extensive toolkit.


LOYAL to ourselves, to each other and to every client


ETHICAl AND ENergising


Authentic, we know who we are and what we do


Dedicated to providing a high quality service, driven to make a difference