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Leadership 43 was born out of a collective passion for leadership development and the desire that all leaders at all levels must be invested in.

As we work primarily on digital platforms we can support you wherever you are in the world. There are no limits.

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Build Resilience and Unlock Your Inner Resources

Find you leadership skills to inspire, motivate and create dynamic, positive teams

We know and understand the challenges facing leaders; we coach teams and individuals to achieve their potential by ensuring they are confident in who they are and what they do. Through learning and self-reflection, leadership skills are given the opportunity to develop.

Who do we work with?

We work with people from all backgrounds and industries including CEOs, managers, headteachers, and those looking to gain their first position in a leadership role. We train and support individuals with our vast pool of resources to manage rapidly changing circumstances, develop cohesive teams and become authentic, resilient leaders.

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Rebalance yourself in a month!

Learn how to rebalance your mind, improve clarity and drive your energy positively with our FREE 31-day rebalancing sessions!

"Undertaking the Strengthen Your Resilience leadership programme has been quite a revelation. If you’re feeling that the dots aren’t all joining up – whether in your business or home life – I’d definitely recommend this course."

Coaching Package

Perfect for individuals looking to grow as a leader and teams who are wanting to flourish. Coaching is a powerful tool for unlocking inner resources, regardless of leadership level and position. The focus is entirely on you and your goals. How are you looking to develop as a leader?

Education Partnership Package

Created for leaders in the education system; this bespoke package is tailored to meet your needs regarding school systems and operations, based around your budget. Discover how we can help you manage your current challenges.

Leadership 43 Programmes

Following a complimentary consultation to discover how we can best help you, our Leadership 43 Programmes are tailor-made to meet your requirements. Choose from our Entry, Aspiring, Establishing and Enhancing programmes.

Team Optimisation

Looking to get the very best from your team? Our Team Optimisation package ensures you and your team receive the support you require to achieve great results as a group. Develop your best team