Lessons in Rebalancing

An important part of personal resilience is understanding what you need to do to rebalance after a challenging event. Our guide offers thirty-one different options.

Goal Setting – not just for the New Year!

Goal setting, intention setting, resolutions, targets, desired outcomes. Traditionally my sisters and I have always written our New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the January. My sister Ali, safeguards them in drawer for the year and then we ceremoniously get them out a year later, blow off the dust and decide whether we have […]

Resilience, Diabetes and Me

I haven’t ever had a desire to climb mountains (or ski down them). I never thought of myself as brave or courageous, but when I did my training to become a Resilient Leaders Consultant a great transformation took place. I began to really consider my own hidden disability and what my own resilience looked like […]